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Journal of Positive School Psychology (JPSP)

ISSN: 2717-7564 (Online)
Publication Frequency: Monthly.  

Journal of Positive School Psychology (ISSN 2717-7564) published now by ASR Research India is a peer-reviewed journal covering positive psychology and provides an international forum for the science of positive psychology in education and school settings. The JPSP, which is published twelve times a year, is an open-access that publishes research outcomes with significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of the positive psychology of education and services in school settings. The journal encompasses a full range of methodologies and orientations that include educational, cognitive, social, behavioral, preventive, cross-cultural, and developmental perspectives. The JPSP publishes research regarding the education of populations across the life span.

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Recently few months back the publisher of journal is changed to Society of Psychology and Education India which is a part of ASR Research Center India. This details have already been updated in ISSN portal

Also the publisher information on scopus page is already updated which can be checked on

Some fake researchers from India have published an invalidated article in Springer regarding the authenticity of journal. After having lot of communication with Springer Team, ASR Research Center have filed a case against this authors for spreading fake news about journal. That article is also flagged as fake and is maintained till legal case is running and as a proof. Many of authors have already denied to be a part of that article but their approvals have been recorded on Springer. 

ASR India has filed case against them under Section 67 – Publishing Obscene Information, Section 420 – Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property, Section  463 – Making false documents or false electronic records.

Below are the details of authors and editors involved in this frauds.

Robert E. Baensch Editor (Publishing Research Quarterly),
E. B. Khedkar(Dr. D. Y. Patil School of Management, Pune, India)
Atul Kumar(Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School, Pune, India)
Arun Ingle (DKKKP’s-Maharashtra Institute of Management, Kalamb-Walchandnager, Pune, India)
Rupali Khaire(Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune, India)
Jaiprakash M. Paliwal (Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Nagpur, India)
Dhananjay Bagul (Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Institute of Computer Management and Research,
Dudulgaon, Pune, India)
Satish Warpade (Lotus Business School, Pune, India)
B. M. Londhe (Amrutvahini Institute of Management & Business Administration, Sangamner, Ahmednagar,
Vinod Malkar (MBA Department, Sanjivani College of Engineering, Kopargaon, Ahmednagar, India)
S. P. Huddedar (Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India)
N. D. Jambhekar (Gopikabai Sitaram Gawande Mahavidhyalaya, Umarkhed, Yavatmal, India)
S. S. Raibagkar (Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Kolkata, India)

Vol. 7 No. 5 (2023)

Published: 2023-05-16

A Perspective Of General Education Teachers And Special Education Teachers: Inclusive Education In Pakistan

Kousar Shaikh , Sadia Abdul Ghaffar , Abid Ali Ujjan , Ajab Ali Lashari


A Stylistic Analysis Of Robert Frost’s Poem Nothing Gold Can Stay

Muhammad Hassan Shaikh , Rubina Arain , Sadia Naz , Ajab Ali Lashari


Problems Of Significance Of A Word

M. Rakhimova , O. Bazarov , R. Jo’rayeva , N. Makhmudova


Characteristics Of Occasional Words

Odinakhon Tukhtasinova , Dilafruzkhan Rahmatullayeva , Sanobarkhan Karimova , Munojatkhan Mamajonova


Linguistic Units That Implement The National Conceptosphere

A.A. Khasanov , Sh.T. Akramov , M.R. Tojiboeva


A Suggested Accounting Model To Treat The Effects Of Natural Disasters On Saudi Companies

Maher Diab Abulaila , Mohammad Awni Mahmoud , Saham Alismail , Abdallah Ammar Hendaoui , Alaa Fathi Soliman , Abeer Atallah Aloudat , Andaleeb Qasim Almomany , Samir Abdulwahab Jaradat , Sara Samir Jaradat and Mohammed Abuelaila Ali Baraka


Analysis Of Low Electoral Turnout Of Women In District Kohat

Nadia Bashir , Dr.Shahbaz Khan Khattack


A Study Of Change Process Factors In Determining Individual Readiness For Change: A Case Of Healthcare Reforms In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Muhammad Ishtiaq Khan , Dr. Humera Manzoor , Dr. Samar Abbas , Dr. Zeeshan Zaib Khattak , Dr. Muhammad Kaleem , Dr. Hafizullah


Investigation Of Physical And Psychosocial Environment Of Government Schools: Measuring Of Students’ Supportive Learning

Bakht Jamal , Muhammad Iqbal , Safeer Ijaz , Sultan Akbar Shah , Muhammad Mujtaba Haider


The Effect Of Al-Istiqlal University Procedures Of The Corona Pandemic (COVID 19) On The Physical And Psychological Condition And Healthy Behavior From The Students’ Standpoint

Dr. Ismail Zakarneh , Dr. monther nasrallah , Hussein Qadume , Dr. Ghaith Nassif , Dr. Musab Rashid , Dr. Haitham Al Zoubi , Qasem dabeek


Exam Performance And Retention Among E-Book Utilizing Undergraduates Of Sri Lanka

Nallainathan Senthuran , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Indang Ariati Binti Ariffin , Prof. Dr. Ali Khatibi , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jacquline Tham


Juridical Review Of Laws And Professional Ethics On The Refusal Of Emergency Patients In The Implementation Of Private Hospital Services

Dr. Gunawan Nachrawi , SH., MH, Vera Dumonda , Dr Megawati Barthos, SH., MH. , Triseu Setianingsih , Amrulloh Ibnu Kholdun


Social And Political Conditions Of Slum Dwellers

Dr. Mir Waheed Akhlaq , Zeeshan Saif Chadhar , Dr. Jafar Riaz Kataria


Physical And Psychological Health Consequences Associated With Violent Health Behaviors Among Universities Students’ Athletes

Muhammad Ilyas, Shah Khalid, Waqas Ul Nisa, Bela Tariq, Khalid Jalal Shah, Muhammad Musa Khan, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Butt, Alamgir Khan, Muhammad Jamil, Muhmmad Abdul Jabar Adnan, Yasmeen Tabassum, Tooba Abid Qureshi, Bushra Chaudhry, Tahira Fozia


Estimation Of Key Parameters Of Liver Among Healthy Volunteers Of Endurance Exercise

Alamgir Khan, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Butt, Muhammad Jamil, Muhammad Iftikhar, Javed Ali Soomro, Muhammad Adnan Ahmad, Inamullah, Muhmmad Abdul Jabar Adnan, Yasmeen Tabassum, Nosheen Arif , Bushra Chaudhry, Tahira Fozia


Management Of Hospital Waste In Tertiary Hospitals Of Karachi



Factors Responsible For Promoting Rote Learning Among Students At Tertiary Level

Dr. Fazal Hayat , Dr. Shahji Ahmad , Nadia Kousar , Dr. Imran Badshah , Dr Nabi Gul


Nexus Between Human Resource Management Practices And Job Performance Of University Teachers: Organizational Commitment As A Mediator

Ume Ruqia Saadat , Dr. Muhammad Anees ul Husnain Shah , Saima Noreen , Dr. Muhammad Imran Shah , Dr. Jawad Hussain , Dr. Nazim Ali


The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Transformational Leadership

Dr. Ammad Zafar , Dr. Abdul Rahman Zaki , Dr. Sadaf Mustafa


Managing Change Organizational Restructuring And Employee Trust And Job Satisfaction: An In-Depth Analysis

Omairullah Khan, Saima Akhtar, Syed Shahid Zaheer Zaidi, Aamer M. Khan


Impact Of Tranformational Leadership On Teachers’ Job Satifaction In Secondary Schools Of Shahfaisal Town, Karachi

Ishfaq Ahmed , Tehseen Anjum , Abdul Karim Suhag , Dr. Ali gul Bugti , Saima Amin , and Shahid Iqbal


Pakistan's Afghan Policy: Predicaments, Challenges And The Way Forward

Mairaj ul Hamid (Principal author) , Dr. Muhammad Ali , Sher Hassan , Mubarak Zeb , Muhammad Sadiq , Roshni Anwar , Dr. Aziz ur Rahman (Corresponding author)


The Phrase In Xitsonga And Sepedi: Implications For Language Learning

Sikheto Joe Kubayi (Corresponding author) , Matsea Freddy Mogano , Rachel Mmapitso Maboa


The Syllable In Tshivenḓa And Xitsonga

Moffat Sebola , Sikheto Joe Kubayi (Corresponding author)


Factors Associated With Child Undernutrition In Pakistan: A Systematic Review

Dr. Anam Afzal , Muhammad Azam , Muhammad Taha Ibrahim Dehlvi , Hafiz Hussnain Khaliq


Socio-Demographic Profile Of Suicide Attempters İn A Tertiary Medical Centre

Pavan K , Bhaskar Mara , Vinod.A , Sunil Kumar , Ravi.P.B , Veena S Pattar


Relationship Between Emotional Maturity And Peer Pressure Among Adolescents From Private Schools And Colleges Of Karachi: A Correlational Study

Zainab Fatima, Raabia Hirani, Fazeen Shahid Siddiqui, Anushah Amirali Charania, Asma Khuhro, Aqsa Shahzadi


The Communication Barriers And Their Impacts On The Academic Performance Of The Graduate Students

Syed Uzma Paiam Bukhari , Imtiaz Ali Kalhoro , Ajab Ali Lashari , Irfan Ali Soomro , Sadia Batool , Azizullah Amur


The Determinant Factors Of Tourists’ Satisfaction With E-Hailing Service

Marlisa Abdul Rahim, Nurzehan Abu Bakar, Nor Maizana Mat Nawi, Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim, Hassnah Wee


Social Services Model For Disabilities In DKI Jakarta Province

Maria Margaretha , Sadu Wasistiono , Hadi Prabowo , Marja Sinurat


Training And Development As Key Determinant Of Organizational Performance: Evidence From Heis In Pakistan

Dr. Ahmad Ali , Dr. Khalid Rehman , Rafid Ullah , Dr. Shumaila Hashim , Dr. Farhat Ullah Khan , Dr. Nafid Khan , Dr. Adnan Khan


A Study On The Effects Of Students’ Posture, Comfort And Health In Consequences Of Prolonged Sitting Among Senior Cambridge Students

Dr. Rukshanda Jabeen , Dr. Narjis Unar , Dania Shoaib Khan , Dr. Shahnawaz Tunio , Dr. Noor us Sabah


University Students’ Perceptions Rgarding Online Learning In Punjab Pakistan: A Comparative Study

Dr. Shahid Raza, Dr.Vajiha Naz, Dr.Romena Ali, Bazgha Saleem Khan


Gender Inequality, GDP And Human Resource Development In Pakistan

Tayyaba Naveed , Ramsha Anwer , Muhammad Zahir Faridi (Corresponding Author), Anam Saba , Naima Narmeen


Mapping The Evolution Of Mental Health Research In Relation To Physical Activity: Pre And Post Global Pandemic Perspectives

D. Javier Ventaja Cruz , Dr. Jesús Manuel Cuevas Rincón , Dr. Álvaro Manuel Úbeda Sánchez , Dr. María del Carmen Olmos Gómez



Dr. Marisport A. , Mr.Ayush Rastogi , Mr.Harshit Goel , Mr. Aman Garg , Ms. Anuja Kulshreshtha


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