Psychological Persuasion Manifestations In Speech Of The Prophet Noah, Peace Be Upon Him, With His People Through Noah Surah

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Elhadfa Laabed , Dr. Mohammad Syifa Amin Widigodo , Dr. Mohamad Azhar & Dr. Fitriah M.Suud


The research deals with manifestations of psychological persuasion in speech of the prophet Noah, Peace Be Upon Him, with his people through Noah surah. This is analytic qualitative research that followed the analytical approach of the Quranic verses of the surah in order to identify the main psychological persuasion elements indicated in  the discourse of  the Prophet Noah. Basically, the study has divided in two chapters. The first one tackles an overview of Noah surah and its main psychological concepts. However, the second chapter exposes the main elements of psychological persuasion in the prophet Noah speech. Mainly, the research could convey the most important psychological characteristics of the Prophet Noah speech through Noah Surah and the features of the psychological stages included in his story with his people. Furthermore, the study found that Noah's speech with his people has included three types of psychological persuasion to make them believe in Allah. These types are emotional psychological persuasion, psychosocial persuasion and mental  psychological persuasion.

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