Approaches TO Writing Scientific Research Papers

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Sayed Asghar Hashimi (Ph.D) , Jalaludin


This study explores the methodologies for editing scientific research articles in the field of social sciences, incorporating bibliographic research considerations. Emphasis is placed on organizing and presenting both the formal and conceptual structures of the articles in a coherent manner. While correct formal structures are essential, issues in content often persist. The articles are delineated into specific sections (abstract, keywords, introduction and materials, main topics, conclusion, discussion, conclusions, recommendations, and references), with attention to the conceptual aspects of each segment. The significance of this study lies in guiding authors through the process of crafting bibliographically researched essays and providing insights into initiating and concluding essays within the social sciences. The article employs bibliographic research and descriptive and analytical methods. The key takeaway is the importance of aligning the scientific article with the policies of the institution, maintaining a cohesive formal structure from inception to conclusion, and ensuring a conceptual coherence across all sections. Each segment can be approached with consideration for specific theories.

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