Role Of Private Sector In Domestic Waste Management And Its Impact On Health: A Case Study On Narnaul City

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Rahul Sharma , Dr. Sudhir Malik


The private sector takes different levels of financial and technical risk in solid waste services, from providing technical expertise in management or operation of a facility; to operating collection routes and the related equipment under a concession; to investing, owning, and operating a landfill facility, servicing nearby municipalities and companies. A variety of options can be considered to cater to the preference of the public entity and the risks and appetite of the private sector. To investigate solid waste management and it implications for health in Narnaul City. To Fulfill this objective researcher used Both primary and secondary data were collected. Survey questionnaire was administered to collect primary data from the participants selected at random from Narnaul city households randomly chosen for the study. Secondary data from journal, books, periodicals and other relevant published literature were collected. Finally the conclusion of the study is to The city of Narnaul needs to take advantage of the success stories in this direction and also take initiatives on similar lines to give a better look and environmental management to this city.

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