Assessment Of English Language Achievement Among Secondary School Students

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Prof. Nimma Venkatarao , Panapana Divakara Rao


English has become one of the most influential worldwide communication media in the modern period. It is the language of textbooks and the medium of instruction at various levels of education; and plays a significant role in the teaching learning process. A student's English language proficiency may also influence his/her overall academic performance in the classroom. The current study examines the influence of gender, place of residence and the type of school management on secondary school students' English Achievement. A sample of 1000 secondary school students selected from Government and Private secondary schools from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh have been considered for the present study. The investigator has developed and standardized an achievement test in English to assess secondary pupils' English Achievement. The findings of the study revealed that majority of students have exhibited an average level of performance in English.  In addition, the study suggests that there is a considerable disparity in English achievement among secondary school students based on their gender, place of residence and the type of school management.

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