Influence Of HR Analytics On Training And Development Skills In IT Sector: A Case Study In Kerala

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Premlal Prejith & Praveen Kumar


Purpose: This paper intends to explore the influence of Human Resource (HR) analytics on the training and development skills in the Information technology (IT) sector concerning Kerala in India. Furthermore, this paper investigates the approaches and practices followed by the HR officials and the IT professionals in the organization. Also, this paper explains how HR analytics can be applied in IT sectors for the betterment of the skills of IT professionals.

Design/Methodology/Approach: This paper presents a quantitative study by considering the sample of 213 expertise, qualified, and knowledgeable employees in the IT sector and HR people of Kerala. The hypotheses were verified using Cronbach’s Alpha reliability test, and Bivariate Correlation.

Findings: From the findings, it is understandable that the HR analytical practices achievea straight and positive influence on the performance of IT employeesthrough practicing training and development skills.

Research Limitations/Implications: As for scholars and experts, this study point towardthe practices of HR analytics that help to enhance employee skills through training strategy.

Originality/Value: The paper plans perceptions on training, and development practices followed by HR analytics and professionals. Also, it delivers HR analytics that can cope with the development and retention of IT employees.

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