Importance And Performance Analysis On Interpretation For The Millennial Generation Tourist In Community-Based Cultural Tourism Destination

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Suwadee Bunmajarinon , Kanokkarn Kaewnuch


This study aimed to explore the behavior of millennial generation tourist in using the interpretation of tourist activities in community-based cultural tourism destination (CBCT). To compare the levels of perceived value on the importance and performance of the interpretation of tourist activities contributing the memorable tourism experience for millennial generation tourist in CBCT. A comparative study based on the levels of importance and performance were analyzed the memorable tourism experience in the millennial generation tourist. The proposed sample size was 400 respondents by convenience sampling method over domestic visitors in Chiang Mai Province. The results were derived from the analysis of perceived value in the level of importance and performance of interpretation non-personal. As a result, the comparison was functional value and social value were high importance while it was moderate performance. Regarding, functional value and social value were high importance whereas it was moderate in performance. Whereas the emotional value was moderate importance and high performance. The implication of this study is designing interpretation through personals must require the qualification of knowledge to understand the community and transfer knowledge to tourists by training as a local tour guide to express the identity and cultural values ​​of the community.

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