A Study To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Assertiveness Training Programme (Atp) To Impart Assertive Behaviour Among Adolescents

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Saradha .I , Dr. Sasikala.T , Dr. Baby Rathinasabapathy


In this research study, the main objective is to impart assertive behavior among adolescents by administering an assertiveness training program (ATP). A pre-experimental with one group pre and post-test research design was used quantitatively. A Simple random sampling technique was used to select the subjects. The Data was collected from 60 adolescents by using the “Rathus Assertiveness Schedule” to assess the assertive behavior. The same Modified “Rathus Assertiveness Schedule” was used to assess the post-test level of assertive behavior among adolescents. The results revealed that there was a significant difference in the pre-and post-test level of assertive behavior among adolescents. The overall ’t’ value obtained was 12.14 and p = 0.001*** where p<0.001 which means that the assertiveness training Program (ATP) has shown significant changes in improving assertive behavior in adolescents. There is an association between assertive behaviors of adolescents with their selected demographic variable for age significant at 0.005 level. The study concluded that the assertiveness training program is an important aspect in imparting assertive behavior so that it helps the adolescent to develop decision making, coping skills to face various challenges in our society.

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