Women, Urban Sufism, And Religious Expression The Narrative Of The Identity Of The Taklimassemblyaz-Zahra Sukoharjo Central Java Indonesia

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Mibtadin , Lilis Patimah , Zainal Habib , Rosidin


Taklim assembly Az-Zahra as an urban Sufism movement has become an interesting phenomenon, appearing amid the strengthening of the Islamism movement in Sukoharjo. Az-Zahra became a medium to express the moderate religion of Aswaja an-Nahdliyah. How is the religious expression developed by Az-Zahra. This study uses a sociological approach to religion that places religion as social behaviour. Descriptive qualitative research, collecting data through observation of Az-Zahra activities. In-depth interviews with leaders and congregations of Az-Zahra, and recorded documents regarding the history and activities of Az-Zahra. Data analysis using an interactive analysis model includes data reduction, data delivery, and conclusions.The presence of Az-Zahra in the public space of Sukoharjo as a cultural movement for the formation of religious discourse and preserving the traditions inherited by previous scholars. Az-Zahra develops the main values ​​in the form of a religious pattern that is moderate, tolerant, respects plurality, and stays away from fanaticism. This value counters the narrative of the Islamism movement that carries the ideology of violence in Sukoharjo. Az-Zahra has an important role in empowering the congregation through various religious activities which are then transformed into the wider community. Az-Zahra carries moderate Islam that puts forward the principles of tawassuth, tawazun, and ta’adulas a friendly form of Islam that is typical of Nusantara Islam.

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