Inclusion of 21st Century Skills in Mathematics Textbook for the sixth grade in Jordan

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Dr. Samaher Khalid Alkhatatneh


The aim of current study is to investigate the degree of inclusion of 21st-century skills in mathematics for the sixth grade in Jordan. To achieve this goal, the researcher used the descriptive-analytical method by analyzing the mathematics content for the sixth grade in Jordan based on an analysis card according to 21st century skills. The study results showed that the degree of the inclusion of 21st-century skills was very low in general. It has reached only 28.55%, and the results found a discrepancy in the degree of inclusion of main skills. The skill of critical thinking and problem solving was highly embedded. The degree of inclusion in creativity and innovation skill was medium, and the skill of informational, communications, and media literacy came in with a low percentage, The rest of the skills, including collaboration and teamwork skill, skill of computer and technology literacy, skill of career and self-directed learner and cross-culture skill) score very low.

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