Analyzing The Main Components Of The Mathematics Literacy Education Curriculum For Iran's Mathematics Education Undergraduate Student Teachers And Presenting Its Future Research Model

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Neda Nakhostin Rouhi , Gholamali Ahmady , Ebrahim Reyhani , Mohammad Reza Emam Jomeh


The main goal of this research is to analyze the main components of the mathematics literacy education curriculum for the undergraduate students of mathematics education in Iran and to present a future research model. The current research is applied in terms of purpose and survey in terms of method. The statistical population of the research was experts in the field of mathematical literacy who were selected using the purposeful sampling method. The instrument of data collection was a questionnaire, and MICMAC and Excel software were used for data analysis. Examining the obtained results showed that the standardization of education is the most influential factor. Also, the individual characteristics of the learner were placed as the first priority of effectiveness. In addition, the investigation of potential direct and indirect effects showed that these two factors have the highest amount. Based on the results obtained from the map of direct and indirect effects, the standardization of training and the application of training were placed in the independent matrix, which means they have high effectiveness and low effectiveness. Indicators such as constructive interactions, principled evaluation, skill, and development of mathematical knowledge were placed in the link matrix, which has high dependence and high guiding power, and any small change in these variables causes fundamental changes in the system. Also, the indicators of attitude, empowerment, and development of theoretical knowledge were included in the dependent matrix, which shows that these variables have little influence on the system. In addition, no index was included in the autonomous matrix, which shows that all the model indices are important and cannot be removed.

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