Takaful Insurance And Their Technicality In Achieving Competitive Advantage By Applying To Chican Insurance And Reinsurance Co., Ltd. For The Period 2016-2019

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Huda Yousif Khattab


The research aims to present Takaful insurance as a tool of development and economic and social prosperity and based on the importance of research in this field to serve Takaful insurance in the State of Sudan. The hypothesis of the research showed that there is a statistically significant relationship between Takaful insurance and the competitive advantage by applying to Shikan Company, as the study was based on some of the previous studies to link between the role of Takaful insurance and competitive advantage. The second topic discussed what is Takaful insurance and its importance and the most important definitions for this field after The researcher demonstrated the importance of competitive advantage and its role in achieving high growth in productivity and how to have sufficient flexibility to meet changes in consumer tastes and needs. The third topic deals with the analytical aspect based on the work of a percentage of statistical questionnaires according to the (SPASS) program, and the result was confirmation of the validity of the hypothesis. The interface that reflects the credibility of the insurance company. In the end, the researcher clarified the recommendations, the most important of which is introducing the science of insurance in general and Takaful in particular in the various educational stages.

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