A Concise Review On Wildlife Crimes And Wildlife Conservation In The Region Of Kerala And Tamil Nadu

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Debaditya Roy , Dr.Vinod Kumar


Wild life crime is a major threat to the endangered species. Due to these crimes several animals have been extinct. But now people from different parts of the world are trying to conserve these endangered species and make them to lead their beautiful life in their own habitat. In order to make such actions, the information about the events, crimes, accidents and conservation techniques happened in the region should be known to everyone. Hence the proposed study reviewed the wildlife crimes and conservation techniques adopted in the region of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The study used the data from the e-media articles and other research studies conducted in the same region. It has been revealed that several challenges involved in preserving the wildlife for the authorities and as well as other environmental lovers. It is necessary to understand the challenges involved in these regions to take further actions or steps to prevent wild crimes.

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