Youtube Transcript Summarizer Using Flask And Nlp

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P. Vijaya Kumari , M. Chenna Keshava , C. Narendra , P. Akanksha , K. Sravani


The project's goal is to design a user interface that will improve user experience, allow flexibility for downloading transcript summary files, and automate WhatsApp and email. Throughout the day, an enormous number of video recordings are generated and shared on the Internet. It has become quite difficult to devote time to watching movies that may last longer than expected, and our efforts may be in vain if we are unable to extract useful information from them. Summarizing transcripts of such movies automatically allows us to rapidly spot essential patterns in the video, saving us time and effort from having to go through the entire content. We use Python APIs for text transcription in this project. The transcript is then summarized using natural language processing (NLP). User Interface: HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap For our User Interface, we use Flask for Python as the backend. The user can download the summarized forms, such as pdf and word, and share his summarized transcript by email and WhatsApp. This project will provide us with practical experience using NLP approaches for abstractive text summarizing.

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