Integrating Street Vendors In Industrial Area Planning Of Ludhiana City: A Societal Enhancement Through Infrastructure Reform

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Mostafizur Rahman , Dr.Sandeep Dua


Street vending is a prominent and visible informal economic activity in industrial areas of developing countries like India. Street vendors provide convenience to consumers by being available at doorstep and selling products of immediate need at cheaper price. Street vendor’s activities also noticed in industrial areas of Ludhiana. It is important to address the utilization of streets by street vendors in industrial estates and its associated risk, to integrate them in the planning of industrial estates. Objective of the study was to assess street vendors, their location and space utilization in industrial areas of Ludhiana. The variables of the study were types of street vendors, their consumers, their location in industrial areas and spaces utilized by the street vendors. The study found that presence of street vendors selling food items were more in the industrial area. Consumers of the street vendor’s were mostly ancillary workers of the industrial area. Activities of street vendors were prominent at the transportation zones and main roads. Within the roads of industrial area, street vendors choose to place their shops at unusable and risky utility spaces to evade the chances of competition and eviction.

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