Cable TV As Medium For Promotion Of Indigenous Language And Culture Of Apatani Tribe: A Study Of Ama Aba Cable TV In Ziro Valley Of Arunachal Pradesh

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Dr. M. Nawaz Khan & Mr. Kombong Darang


Media play a key role in promoting indigenous language and culture. In remote and geographically isolated areas, cable television serves as a powerful medium through which cultural values are disseminated thereby helping their promotion and preservation. The Ama Aba Cable TV in Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh telecasts local content especially those of the indigenous Apatani tribe in addition to a wide range of popular national and transnational television channels. Apart from its regular telecast of programs related to government or other institutions and traditional festivals like Dree, Myoko, etc., it also telecasts traditional weddings and rituals held in and around Ziro Valley. This study examines how Ama Aba Cable TV has been directly or indirectly promoting the indigenous language and culture of the Apatani community. The findings of the study revealed that cable TV is a powerful medium through which cultural values can be disseminated and preserved for sustainable development. Hence, it is a medium for promoting indigenous language and culture. It was also found that the contents of the Apatani community telecast on Cable TV were still limited and there is ample scope for improvement in the program format. The study recommends that mass media like cable television can be introduced across Arunachal Pradesh which will help in the promotion and preservation of the rich cultural heritage of the multi-ethnic state.

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