The Influence Of Principal’s Supervision On Teachers’ Performance Motivation

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Tellma Monna Tiwa


This study aims to determine whether the principle’s supervision has a positive influence on teachers’ performance motivation in Tomohon Christian Middle School. This study used a survey method with a correlational approach. The sample used was 39 teachers drawn randomly and proportionally from the population. There are three instruments used in this study, namely: the instrument using the principal's supervision indicator, the principal's motivation indicator, and the teacher's performance indicator. The correlation result between effectiveness principal supervision (X1) and teachers’ performance (Y) is 0.972 with a contribution in amount of 94.487% and the t-test amount of 8.421> t- table = 2.021. It indicates that principal’s supervision has an influence on teachers performance in Tomohon Christian Middle School.The correlation result between work motivation (X2) and teacher performance (Y) is 0.935 with a contribution amount of 87.442% and the value of t- count = 3.403> t- table = 2.021. It indicates that a work motivation has an influence on teacher performance in Tomohon Christian Middle School. The correlation result between principal supervision (X1) and work motivation (X2) is 0.979 with contribution of  principal supervision (X1) and work motivation (X2) to teacher performance (Y) is 95.844% and the value of F- count is  406.565> F- table = 3.26 with the regression equation obtained from this study. This shows that there is a significant influence between the principal's supervision variables and work motivation on teachers’ performance in Tomohon Christian Middle School.

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