Effect Of Behavioral Changes Among Dental Health Volunteers On Community Empowerment In Community Dental Health Effort Program

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Bambang Sutomo , Endang Sutisna Sulaeman , Muhammad Akhyar , LV Ratna Devi Sakuntalawati


Background: This study aims to analyze the effect of behavioral changes in dental health volunteers on community empowerment in the Community Dental Health Effort (UKGM) program.

Design and Methods: A quantitative approach with surveys was used, while data involving 242 respondents were collected using a questionnaire with a Likert scale on dental health.This is conducted in Semarang Regency with a random cluster sampling method from July 16 to August 18, 2021. The data obtained were then analyzed with SEM using the Lisrel 8.8 software.

Results: The results showed three exogenous variables found in this study, namely the threat perception consisting of the dimensions of perceived susceptibility and severity, as well as the perception of expectations including barriers and benefits of action, along with self-efficacy. Furthermore, the perception of cues to action was predicted to affect the personal hygiene behavior. An analysis was then carried out to obtain a fit model and all variables had a CFA > 1.96.

Conclusion: The threat perception variable which includes perceived susceptibility and severity, while the perception of expectations consisting of the dimensions of perceived barriers and benefits of action, self-efficacy, along with trigger variables affect the behavior to maintain personal hygiene of dental and oral health among dental health volunteers.

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