Concrete Slab Pavement Behavior On Expansive Soil At Swell Condition Using Finite Element Method Analysis

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Wibowo , Ary Setyawan , Yusep Muslih P , Bambang Setiawan , and Bagas Chairum Marcel


Expansive soils occur a significant volume change when there is a change in water content. This study aims to determine the behavior of rigid pavement on expansive soil using finite element method, consists of laboratory test using a semi-3D box and finite element method analysis with SAP2000. The data used are primary and secondary data also data determined from standard or based on previous research. Modulus of subgrade reaction of soil was obtained through trial results from laboratory tests, which was 13.000 kN/m3, equivalent to CBR value of 1.5%. The maximum swelling pressure from the oedometer test is 175 kPa. Considering the location of soil sampling, the thickness of the concrete slab was chosen 18 cm, 20 cm, and 25 cm with axle-load centralized 8 tons for collector road,  with 4 loading positions. The results of this study indicate that the largest deflection (lendutan) occurs in a plate with a thickness of 18 cm and the loading conditions at the edge-corner of the plate. The thicker plate, the deflection is smaller, and vice versa.

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