The Inclusion Of Science Textbook Quality Assurance Standards

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Dr. Abdallah Khataybeh , Hanan Naser , Ghassan Masadah , Enas Hamasha


This study investigates the degree of inclusion of quality assurance (QA) standards for 6th grade science textbooks in Jordan according to the domains of basic concepts, balance and appropriateness, relation between the environment and society, and activities. The validity and reliability of the analysis were checked, the degree of agreement between raters for coding and analysis. The study reveals that the books met 21.8% of the basic concept requirements, 48.2% of those of balance and appropriateness, and that the degree of relevance of the educational content to the environment and Jordanian society was 13.6%. The level of inclusion of the textbooks for the activities of 6th graders was 16.4%. There were notable differences in the extent of inclusion of the textbooks in the criteria of basic concepts and balance and appropriateness from the cut point, at 32% and 30% respectively. On the other hand, there were only slight differences in the degrees of inclusion of the relation with the environment and with activities, at 18% and 20% respectively. This could be due to the process of planning and implementing the science textbooks, which are subject to the opinions of educators and developers. The researchers recommend the need to develop the content of the 6th grade textbooks in light of the QA standards.                                                                

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