Relationship Between Science And Religion: A Dilemma For Students Learning In Science

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Narayan Prasad Timilsena ; Krishna Maya Devkota ; Dawa Sherpa


This study was carried out to explore the relationship between science and religion and its dilemma for students in learning science, mainly focused on the origin of the Earth and the evolution of life. For this study, a qualitative methodology was chosen. The sample consisted of 25 participants of secondary science students in Kathmandu metropolitan city. The purposive sampling method was used for the gathering of information. Essential tools like interview guidelines, questionnaires, and field notes, were made and used for this study. The interview of participants was recorded and transcribed to the development of the theme. Those data were scanned through the description of themes. It was explored that the controversial concepts of science create a dilemma in science learning, is the debate between biological evolution and goad formation. It achieves that the student's understanding of learning natural evolution and the origin of the Earth was complex due to dilemmas between spiritual creation and biological evolution., It is necessary to include the religious background of the change of life with science and technology in the current education system to improve the students' knowledge of biological evolution.   

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