Phytochemical Constituent And Its Pharmacological Application Of Various Types Of Chemical Compounds Present In Cocculus Hirsutus (L.) Diels

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Nageswar Panda , Binayak Mishra , Nihar Ranjan Kar , Sai Prakash Panigrahi , Rudra Narayan Dash , Annanya Gangopadhyay


This review gives a complete overview of the Cocculus hirsutus (L.) vegetation of Cocculus species (Synonym-Cocculus villosus, Family: Menispermaceae). Numerous phytoconstituents such as alkaloids, phenolic compounds, glycosides, and steroids are present mainly in leaves. Even though the fact that it is frequently used in conventional treatments for conditions including fever, malaria, joint discomfort, and skin conditions as a  diuretic, laxative, and antiperiodic. The manufacturing of formulations has only been the subject of a very small number of studies. In the future, a well-developed formulation based on topical preparation and in-vivo investigations will be required, coupled with bioassay-guided studies to extract and identify the active ingredients, to demonstrate the formulation with good pharmacological activity of C. hirsutus plants.

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