Hybrid Threats To Transformation The Doctrine Of Military Campaign Based On Historical Perspective To Achieve Comprehensively National Security

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Novky Asmoro , Marsetio , Susanto Zuhdi , Resmanto Widodo Putro


Hybrid threats are a combination of non-military threats and military threats, including cyber threats, terrorism, and legislation. Even though it has been listed in the Indonesian Defense White Paper, at the Indonesian Armed Forces (Tentara Nasional Indonesia/TNI) level there is no overarching doctrine when it comes to deploying a Military Campaign. The Hybrid Threat has not been identified in the history of the two previous TNI Military Campaigns, namely in 1961 in Trikora Operation in the seizure of West Irian and in 1975 in Seroja Operation for the liberation of East Timor. Therefore, with qualitative research methods with a phenomenological approach combined with Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) tools, then through data collection through in-depth interviews, observations, library research and Focused Group Discussions from expert informants, this study was designed to answer the problem formulation that has been determined. At the end of the study, a Military Campaign doctrine model will be obtained which is considered capable of underpinning every TNI operation in dealing with Hybrid Threats and theorizing the results of phenomenological analysis so that this doctrine is adaptive in dealing with any dynamics of the strategic environment and changes in the threat spectrum.

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