Drivers Leading To The Performance Of Intellectuals In Education Sector

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Dr. Sarika Keswani



The aim of this research is to identify the factors that encourage university intellectuals. The study concentrates on the major factor i.e. the working climate and its influence on the motivational level and performance of intellectuals at educational Institutes


Data was collected from 376 Professors from different reputed universities and higher education institutes of India. First the reliability of the data by using the Cronbach ‘s alpha test was done and it was found to be greater than 0.7 which confirms the reliability of the research instrument.


The results show that working climate is positively associated with the overall score for motivation and the performance of intellectuals. The results showed that the workplace climate had a substantial positive impact on the performance of employees working in Higher education institutes.

Practical implications

These findings include advantageous recommendations for policy makers to devise relevant work environment policies in order to boost employee efficiency and favorable outcomes in higher education institutions. The findings show that the organization may be better able to increase the morale of teachers and improve their efficiency by involving workplace-based interventions.

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