Impact Of HR Analytics On Performance Appraisal System For Employees’ Satisfaction And Willingness To Improve Their Performance In IT Sector

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Premlal Prejith & Praveen Kumar


Purpose: The major aim of this research work is to investigate the impact of Human Resource (HR) analytics on the employees’ satisfaction and willingness on Performance Appraisal (PA) for enhancing their performance in the Information technology (IT) sector. By the way, this paper explores the problems associated with the PA that proportionally influences the satisfaction and willingness of the employees’ on enhancing their performance. Furthermore, this paper explains how HR analytics can be applied in such a scenario to solve such problems.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The paper conducts a quantitative study by analyzing a sample of 145 expertise, qualified, and knowledgeable employees in the IT sector of Kerala. The hypotheses were verified using statistical, regression, and ANOVA tests.

Findings: From the findings, it is evident that the PA practices accomplish a straight and positive impact on the performance of IT employees’ job satisfaction and willingness. Moreover, HR analyticspossessesa negative relationship among subjectivity bias in the PA framework and a positive impact on the improvisation of employees’ perception of satisfaction and fairness. 

Research Limitations/Implications: As for researchers and practitioners, this study implies implementing HR analytics in place of strategic tools can help enhance employees’ satisfaction and performance throughthe PA framework.

Originality/Value: The paper propositions perceptions on consistency, and the dimension of PA framework strength using HR analytics. Also, it delivers HR analytics can cope with the problems ofsubjectivity bias of the PA framework.

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