HR Analytics Challenges In Bringing Success To HR Professionals

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Premlal Prejith & Praveen Kumar


Purpose: In recent days, Human Resource Analytics (HRA) helps to enhance the growth and development of revenue and performance of any organization from both employers and employee perspectives. However, HRA remains unidentified whether it influences the organizational performance and profit and employee’s sustainability as well. For such reasons, this paper aims to investigate the challenges HRA faces today to bring success among HR professionals in Information Technology (IT) industry.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Through a questionnaire with a set of 40 questions surveyed from 300 HR professionals of Kerala IT companies, regression analysis and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) tests were performed to uncover the challenges and struggles in imposing HRA.

Findings: From the research, the findings show the barriers in imposing HRA were changing periodically however, most of the IT industry spent huge amounts in analytics, particularly on Human Resource Management (HRM), and generate research reports annually. Also, in India, research regarding HRA was conducted on a minimum scale from the last decade.

Originality/Value: This study conveys significantly to the HRA and HR professionals. Firstly, the study explains the challenges of HRA leading to bringing maximum organizational performance. Secondly, the research uncovers that access to HRA allows HR professionals a broad insight and clear understanding of the employee’s retention. Finally, experiential evidence is presented to support HRA and possible solutions to bring success in the IT industry.

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