An Ethnographic Study Of Paliyar Tribes Of Kodaikanal Region In India

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S.P. Denisia , Vidya Suresh , Mustafa Kan , Vaheed Z Ubaidullah


The Paliyar tribes have a traditional identity with certain territories of community living especially in the Palani hills, Kodaikanal hills, and Sirumalai hills of Tamil Nadu, located on the Western Ghats continuing from the Anamalai hills of Kerala. The tribal economy is labelled as primitive economy. Most of the tribes depend on agriculture, by collecting fruits, cultivating vegetables and honey for their existence. This paper is contemporary ethnographic research to understand the health, social, economic, and level of education attained by the Paliyar tribes who live in Sirumalai hills in India.  This paper also highlights the various ceremonies and rituals celebrated by them on several occasions of their day-to-day life like birth ceremonies, naming functions, marriage, life, and death.   The paper relies on the explored authentic facts stated through quantitative and qualitative methods to understand the various dimensions of life and livelihood of the Paliyar tribes in association with their inseparable life in the forest and the influencing determinants.

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