Celebrity Endorsement And Purchase Intentions: The Role Of Message Framing, Regulatory Focus, And Product Type

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Dr. Ragu Prasadh Rajendran


The relationship between celebrity endorsement and purchase intentions is grounded and well established. However, the moderating effects of message framing, regulatory focus and product type on this relationship have received very little attention in the marketing literature. In response, this article discusses what role message framing, regulatory focus, and product type play in moderating the effect of celebrity endorsement on purchase intentions. Specifically, this study examines the effect of positive and negative message framing; hedonic and utilitarian product type; promotion and prevention regulatory focus on the relationship between celebrity endorsement and purchase intentions. The types of message framing will not have the same effect. When considering the advantages of positively and negatively framed messages, advertisers should also take into account the effect of product type and regulatory focus. From the review of the literature, a series of research propositions are developed. These research propositions will be of immense value for advertisers and future empirical testing. The propositions developed in this study help compare and expand the existing literature on celebrity endorsement. The effectiveness of the messages conveyed by the celebrities will improve when regulatory orientation, message framing, and product type match. The theoretical and practical implications of the research propositions are discussed.

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