Teacher's Social Support To Students With Intellectual Disability During Distance Learning

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Bastiana , Tatiana Meidina , St. Kasmawati , Dwiyatmi Sulasminah


Students with intellectual disabilities need teacher support to participate in learning. This qualitative study examines teachers social support to students with intellectual disability in distance learning during a pandemic. The results showed various forms of teacher support for students with intellectual disabilities. First, emotional support is given through direct communication with students and composing interesting and fun learning. Also, parents are involved in playing with students while studying at home and providing indirect reinforcement. Second, esteem support is given through adapting learning to students’ characteristics and abilities and working with parents to praise their progress. Third, tangible or instrumental support is given through understanding how students carry out assignments by conducting home visits, presenting interesting lessons, and communicating diligently. Fourth, informative support is provided by sending information through short videos, explaining online using video calls, and asking parents for help. Fifth, network support is provided through video conferencing with friends and creating social media groups. Furthermore, social support is provided through direct virtual through face-to-face or indirectly through messages and the environment.

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