A Comparative Analysis Of Village Leadership For Village Development And Architecture Enhancement In India

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Prof (Ar.) Nagendra Narayan , Professor Mahendra Joshi , Professor Tej Karki


Mahatma Gandhi emphasized the concept of SWARAJ village for rural people in 1942, to have basic services such as schools, hospitals, good roads, clean water and natural resources lagoons wastewater treatment etc., On a sustainable basis, the concept of sustainable development and the concept of smart village can lead to achieve this goal
 in which, people have access to quality education, health care, clean water, sanitation and nutrition,with high security, gender equality and democratic engagement. The easy way to meet these is the good leadership. This Paper explores about  the SWOC (Strength, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges) of the village leadership for the development and Architecture Enhancement of villages. The competent village leader with high Emotional Intelligence (EI), plays a very important role in the development and the improvement of architecture of their Villages, which can be measured with leadership  scores.

For a comparative study  6 highly successful villages are selected with leadership  scores of 08/09 and 6 less successful villages with leadership  scores of 01-02/09. These are analyzed on 9 parameters that has capacity to contribute to the developed villages with improved architecture attributes.

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