Social And Emotional Characteristics Of Gifted Children

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Nijimeh Mahmood Dakhlallah , Jihan Aloshi Sayid Ahmad


The objective of the current study was to identify the emotional and social characteristics of gifted children. For this purpose, the descriptive-analytical method was employed because it was the most suitable for the study. The procedure involved gathering data that was then evaluated, compared, and interpreted as well as highlighting the theoretical literature, studies, and research in this area. The current study, which revealed that a gifted child possesses emotional characteristics that set him apart from the typical child of his generation, is recognized as an important study that emphasizes the significance of the emotional and social features of gifted children.

The study concluded that talented individuals have unique emotional and social characteristics that set them apart from other typical children after critically analyzing findings and theoretical literature. It places them in a special category with high abilities, interests, and skills that strive to grow and promote excellence and creativity and help refine higher thinking skills and self-perception.

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