Substance Abuse: Knowledge And Attitude Of Nursing Students

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Ms. Aarohi Fernandes , Meman Mustakim, Panchal Het , Panchal Krunali , Parmar Khyati


Introduction and Background: Substance abuse a significant medical and social problem that engulfs every stratum of the community in different ways. Every year substance misuse brings about around 40 million difficult diseases or injuries among the general population.1 Substance misuse, otherwise called chronic drug use, is the utilization of a medication in sums or by techniques that are hurtful to the individual or others. It is a type of substance-related disorder. Naturally, the prevalence of drug use in children and adolescent is higher in comparison in all age groups.2   In this study researcher assessed the knowledge and attitude of final year nursing students regarding the substance use and develop an information booklet. Rosenstoch (2003) revised health belief model was used as the conceptual framework for this study.

Methodology: Descriptive Research, Cross-Section Survey Design was used. A total of hundred (100) final year nursing students were selected through a convenient sampling technique. Research study data were collected by online survey (google form) through the demographic datasheet, self-structured knowledge questionnaire, and attitude scale on substance abuse. Formal research participation consent was obtained from each participant online.

Result: Study findings revealed that all the, calculated that majority 66% of respondents had good knowledge, 26% of respondents had average knowledge and 8% of respondents had poor and the majority 66% of respondents were uncertain and 34% of respondents had favourable attitude. The correlation of knowledge and attitude was tested by Pearson coefficient correlation. Findings showed that indicated a moderate positive correlation between and were statistically significant.

Conclusion: Therefore, it is concluded that the study, student one way or another student have good knowledge about substance abuse and the majority of themes attitude is uncertain about substance abuse. Therefore, it is important to create a positive attitude towards the avoidance of substance abuse among the nursing matriculates

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