Social Determinants Of Health In Women Who Live With Violence In The Ecuadorian Austro

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Dolores Amparito Rodríguez Sánchez , Francisca Burgueño Alcalde , Carmen Lucia Cabrera Cárdenas , Marcia Beatriz Peñafiel


Introduction: Social determinants influence the different conditions of life, and in the case of gender violence they allow to analyze, reflect and look holistically at the problem that is considered a global, public health and human rights epidemic that is present in all societies with serious consequences on the mental health of the victims. Objective: To describe the social determinants of health in a group of women who experience gender violence and attend a specialized care center. Materials and methods: A quantitative cross-sectional study was carried out with a sample of 610 participants who signed the informed consent form. Results: The women reported living in an inadequate physical ecological environment (61.6%) and physical social environment (61.3%), while 56.7% reported an adequate physical family environment. As for satisfaction with violence preventive health actions related to the perception of violence in the home, it is shown to be statistically significant (p=0.0001). Conclusions: The importance of including social determinants for the analysis of gender violence and thus thoroughly addressing the problem is highlighted. Gender violence is present in all family, community and social spaces, and is perceived as a normal occurrence, which is why the problem should be made visible with the magnitude it requires.

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