Research On Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Intention Of University Students: Evidence In Vietnam

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Pham Huy Hung – Ngo Thi Kieu Trang


This study was conducted to assess the influence of factors on the startup intentions of university students in Vietnam. At the same time, the study also examined the differences in students' perceptions between the two economic and technical disciplines about students' intention to start a business. Data were collected from questionnaires sent to 1640 third and final year students from 27 universities, resulting in 738 valid votes. By quantitative research method, the results indicate that there are 5 main factors that positively influence the startup intention of students in descending order, including: "Attitude to entrepreneurship"; "Behavior control awareness"; "Business education"; "Self-competence" and "Subjective standards". Based on the results of the study, a number of recommendations are made to stakeholders to improve the entrepreneurship of Vietnamese students.

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