Legal Measures To Protect Employees From Sexual Harassment

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Weerayut Lasongyang


According to the Labour Protect Act B.E. 2541, it is not the employer’s liability to the party involved in a crime for the case of sexual harassment in a workplace. Hence, there is still a blurred picture of the legal measurement of this issue, which is unfair to abused employers and engenders ineffective work performance and an uncomfortable working atmosphere. Effective implementation of legal measures and penalties regarding sexual harassment on the employer as the employer’s vicarious liability could pave a solution to this issue. Henceforth, this penalty has to be amended through the Labour Protect Act B.E. 2541 by stating that the employer must declare workplace regulations and rules against sexual harassment and that he or she shall be liable for vicarious liability and victim indemnification. This practice would reduce the risks of workplace sexual harassment in the future.

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