An Exploratory Investigation On Implications Of Corporate Governance On Financial Performance In India

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The structures, rules, and procedures that govern a firm are referred to as corporate governance. It gives firms instructions on how to manage and operate their business. Against this backdrop, this article aims to investigate the effects of corporate governance on financial performance in Indian products companies. The study demonstrated a link between corporate governance factors (board size, audit committee meeting, firm size) and company success as evaluated by return on assets and capital employed. However, when financial indicators were used, the data demonstrated only the independent inspection panel had a tangible link with profitability (return on assets and return on capital employ). The influence of corporate governance on the financial performance of Indian consumer goods companies is examined in this study also the examine of various effective variables influence on financial performance in IT companies incorporating for corporate governance which adds to the research. Furthermore, sensitivity analysis is conducted to check the solidity of the projected tactic.

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