Geographies Of Urban Crimes In India

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Bashabi Gupta


City, a space created by human in the process of their advanced social evolution, emerged as center of complex human interactions in the era of modernity. The incidences of crimes in the cities and its geographies are a manifestation of the way social which is organized spatially in the city. The geography of urban crime enables to understand the process of erosion of social cohesion and the emergent social stratifications in the city, but it tries to question the spatial distribution of power between the core and peripheries of the city and the emerging antagonism between the urban and the rural. The paper by drawing evidence from the National Crime Record Bureau of India argues that incidence of crimes is increasing at an alarming rate both in all India level as well as across the cities. Analysis of nature of crimes in the city shows that crimes against women are increasing in the city over time. Therefore, the paper argues that the solution to address the problem does not lies in the policing but in the re-distribution of resources.

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