Innovation In Pre-Marital Counseling For Family Sakinah In The Covid 19 Era

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Dudang Gojali and Husnul Qodim


Marriage is a mitsaqan ghalidzan event that aims to form sakinah in a family, so to engage in it requires moral and material readiness. To support sakinah in marriages and as an effort to reduce divorce rates, the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs has a premarital marriage guidance program for future brides and grooms. However, currently Indonesia and other countries are facing the Covid-19 pandemic. The government urges for social distancing, the implications of which requires system adjustments. Therefore, innovation and strategies are needed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in carrying out the pre-marital marriage guidance program in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This article examines in depth, the pre-marital guidance innovations during the Covid-19 period that are aimed at forming sakinah in a family. The research method used is the qualitative approach with normative juridical research. This article concludes that pre-marital marriage guidance can still be carried out in the Covid-19 era online using technological media or anything that is measured and evaluated by paying attention to health protocols.

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