Enhancing Empowerment Of Tobacco Farmers Communities Through Increasing Income: Socio-Economic Psychological Analysis

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Markus Patiung , Nugrahini Susantinah Wisnujati , Siti Alimah


Tobacco farmers’ empowerment is one of the efforts that can be done to enhance their livelihoods. One of them is increasing the income of Tobacco farmers. It happens when the uncertain income of Tobacco farmers at Proboliggo Regency, Indonesia due to changes in production factor prices and tobacco product prices, which have an impact on the hardship of farmers live, and the result affected income and socio-economic conditions of Tobacco farmers. This study adopts a socio-psychological with an economic approach to analyze the empowerment model and the process of empowering tobacco farmers in improving their welfare through increasing their income as tobacco farmers. This study focus on analyzing the income of tobacco farmers. The method used in this research is the descriptive method with R/C ratio analysis tools and regression analysis. The results of this study The empowerment model in increasing the income of tobacco farmers is that tobacco farmers and the tobacco products industry are in one system, meaning that the farming community is involved in the downstream sector and the industrial community is involved in the upstream sector by building the MOU with local government assistance through the establishment of a tobacco products industry for enhancing tobacco farmer income.

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