Strategy Of Fulfilling The Needs Of Quality College Lecturer

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Nayyif Sujudi , Mohammad Fakry Gaffar , Aan Komariah , Dedy Achmad Kurniady , Zamakhsyari Abdul Majid


The purpose of this research is to review empirically the strategy of fulfilling the needs of quality lecturers. The research method used is a qualitative descriptive of a private college in Bandung involving respondents of the university leadership, Dean, course program and lecturer. The results of this study found that the fulfillment strategy was prepared as achieving the fulfillment of good regulatory standards for both qualifications, competencies and lecturers ' ratio that is focused on for touching the issue. Conclusion of this research is a strategy to fulfill the quality needs of lecturers needed to improve the quality of education services and as a contribution to solve the problem of lecturers in the scientific and institutional aspects. Recommendation to meet the quality needs of lecturers is to develop long terms strategies supported by strategic leadership and rich professionalism that developed with networking partnership from stakeholders.

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