Factors Affecting Students' General Study Results: A Typic Research At The K61 Course Of Construction Management University

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PhD. Bui Anh Tu , PhD. Le Phuong Thao , Nguyen Duc Duong


In addition to being trained in in-depth knowledge of the subject, each student is reinforced by the school, and teaches general subjects at the university level. “General” are subjects for first-year and second-year students when entering university. Usually general subjects including Philosophy, Political Economy, Scientific Socialism, Party History, General Law, Psychology, Statistical Probability... are taught in most academies, college. "General" subjects are theoretical subjects, difficult to learn, have to memorize a lot and "difficult to understand", often considered boring by students. However, it is the general subject that will help you have logical thinking and good methods of studying your specialized subjects. General subjects are the foundation for later subjects at the university level. Construction Management is one of eight majors being recruited and trained in the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Water Resources. After graduation, students and trainees will have the ability to manage and operate the activities of enterprises or related fields of construction activities, have professional knowledge, methods and bravery in implementation, construction business management; have certain knowledge of economic development and integration issues. General subjects provide a foundation for students of Construction Management to prepare to study specialized subjects later, but the awareness and interest in studying these subjects is not good, leading to poor results.

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