Criminalization Of The Transmission Of The Coronavirus (Covid-19) And Its Impact On The Right To A Healthy Environme

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Abdullah Alkhseilat , Naji Mohammad Alwerikat


Murder usually causes death. Unconventional kinds of attacks on human life include the propagation of Coronavirus illness (COVID-19). According to the World Health Organization and medical specialists, COVID-19 is a lethal virus and a poisonous chemical, making its transmission a murderous act.

Therefore, it is possible to have several criminal forms related to the transmission of COVID-19 to others. These forms vary according to the consequences that result from the transmission of COVID-19, so the consequences may be death, which is expected due to this virus if the victim is unable to resist it, as no treatment has been discovered up to now, so the consequences may be most often causing harm to others. In addition, these criminal forms vary based on whether the mental element is purposeful or involuntary.

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