A Comparative Study Of The Attitudes Of Science Faculty Members Towards Academic Research And Teaching In Saudi Arabia And Jordan

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Eiad Abdulhalim Mohammad Al-Najjar , Taha Alqadi


Universities in Middle East have relaised the significance of research publication. Therefore, universities have allocated incentives and requirements for faculty members to publish their academic works. However, faculty members believes their main job is teaching which impose the need for a study to investigate the attitudes of faculty members twoards teaching and scientific publication which is in line with the aim of the study to identify the attitudes of science faculty members in Saudi Arabia and Jordan towards scientific research and teaching. The study used a quantitative research dsign to collect the data from 50 members from Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia and 40 members from the University of Applied Sciences in Jordan. Survey questionnaire was used to collect the data. The findings revealed that lecturers have positive attitudes towards scientific research and teaching. The respondent showed high agreement on the significance role of research and teaching functions as they have a complementary relationship. Furthermore, this study also showed that most of the faculty members believe that their main job is teaching. However, more inclined towards research publishing incentives, promotion, and salary increasment as well as reputation and scientific status. Morover, no statistically significant differences between the attitudes towards scientific research and teaching and rank or gender. On th other hand, there were a statistically significant difference between attitudes towards scientific research and university and in favor of the University of Applied Sciences. This study contributes to the limited number in the field of modern education requirements. The study offers implications to the ministries of education to allocate more incentives and conduct training workshops for faculty members.

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