Relevance And Review Criteria For Theses In Education Established By Graduate Schools

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Freddy Antonio Ochoa Tataje , Noemí Mendoza-Retamozo , César Antonio Barraza-Regalado , Consuelo Del Pilar Clemente-Castillo , William Eduardo Mory-Chiparra


The research sought to address the relationship between the relevance and review criteria of theses in education established by graduate schools. For this purpose, the study was conceived from the perspective of the mixed approach; basic study type, with a non-experimental cross-sectional design and correlational level. Likewise, we worked with a sample of 100 theses extracted from the repositories between public and private universities, which were selected by means of probabilistic sampling. A predominant level was found for both relevance (52.0%) and review criteria (70.0%). In addition, there is a direct correlation (Rho =.570, p < .05) between relevance and review criteria of theses in education; this was confirmed by inferential statistics. It can be concluded that the results obtained lead to sustain that graduate schools in Education should put more interest in establishing evaluation criteria, indicators and quality criteria for the review of theses in order to guarantee their academic relevance due to their direct and significant association.

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