The Effect Of Anxiety On Dentists Working In Public Health Centers In Makassar City, Indonesia During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Selviawaty Sarifuddin Panna , Ayub Irmadani Anwar , Fuad Husain Akbar


Objective: To determine the effect of anxiety on dentists working in public health centers throughout Makassar City, Indonesia during the covid-19 pandemic.

Methods: Questionnaire Instrument Fear and anxiety assessment of dental care professionals. This type of descriptive observational research with cross-sectional research design and analysis using the Chi-Square test

Results: 10 people (71.4%) had high anxiety levels in primary health care dentists and 21 people (65.6%) aged 41-50 years had high anxiety levels. Age 51-60 6 people (75.0%) tall. From the results of statistical tests, it was obtained that the anxiety level of the dentist at the puskesmas was above the value of p <0.05, which means that there was no influence between age and gender on the level of anxiety.

Conclusion: Dentists at all puskesmas in Makassar City, Indonesia have high levels of anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no influence between gender, age, and anxiety level of dentists in public health centers in Makassar City, Indonesia.

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