The Role Of William Shakespeare's Work In The Development Of European Literature

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Koblanov Zholaman Taubaevich , Tortkulbaeva Tursynay Abdigaziyevna , PhD of philological sciences , Kuttymuratova Yrysty Abdirakhmanovna , Kadirov Kuvondik Ayitbayevich , Otarova Akmaral Nurkodjaevna , Kametova Raushan Maratovna


The state of development of English literature in the Renaissance is considered on the example of the tragedies of William Shakespeare. An attempt is made to evaluate the characteristic qualities of the writer's tragedies in the literature of that period by differentiating such signs of skill as the ability to deeply reveal the character of the hero in Shakespeare's works, the ability to feel the tragedy, the appeal to the surrounding arbitrariness with disgust.

The features of the manifestation of the era in Shakespeare's works, the disclosure of the arbitrariness of feudal society, and a critical assessment of the negative aspects of the emerging bourgeois society are analyzed. Shakespeare's realistic method, writing skills, the spirit of populism, humanistic views are considered, the influence on the development of European literature and its novelty are analyzed.

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