The Design And Development Of Cultural And Creative Products From The Perspective Of Digital Media-Taking Intangible Cultural Heritage Of Nursery Rhymes In Minnan Dialect As An Example

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Lin Shunmei ,Zuriawati Ahmad Zahari


Nursery rhymes are rhyme forms created and inherited based on children’s demands for knowledge learning and psychological development characteristics, which has the function of cultural inheritance that transcends the limitations of both time and space. Minnan nursery rhymes are the cultural texts that connect the Taiwan Strait and mainland China and connect overseas Chinese, which are shared by the Minnan cultural circle. Minnan nursery rhymes are also an intangible cultural heritage that is valued and protected. The dissemination, variation and formation of Minnan nursery rhymes are of great importance when they are used as research clues to investigate the context and centripetal and centrifugal trends of Minnan culture among overseas Chinese groups and Taiwan folks. Minnan nursery rhymes' existing digital media products have presented new opportunities for video and popular live inheritance. Under the unfavourable conditions faced by the dissemination of the Minnan variety of Chinese, this paper used digital media to provide a narrative context for Minnan nursery rhymes and promote understanding and spontaneous imitation. On the basis of the existing measures, this paper attached great emphasis on the development of video media products, which is of great value to the protection and inheritance of introverted and extroverted communication as well as the dissemination of Minnan nursery rhymes.

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