Consumer Trust: A Mediating Variable In Making Consumer Attitude Towards Green Products

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Mrs. Neenu Sharma , Dr. Sandeep Singh


High  pollution levels and  climate deterioration is  affecting our planet badly. Scientists and environment activists are calling for a need to maintain a clean and Green environment to preserve our planet Earth. Green means to improve upon the manner that resources are utilized that results in reduced ill-impacts to human health and the environment and is done without sacrificing the current and future needs of our world. Green products are designed to protect or improve the environment by saving energy or resources and reducing or eliminating toxic waste, pollution, and the use of toxic substances (Ottman et al., 2006).  Consumer Trust is an integral element in making consumer attitude towards green products. This research paper proposes a conceptual framework to investigate the antecedents of consumer trust  and its effect on consumer attitude towards green product. To test our conceptual framework, Structural Equation Modelling is employed to analyse the data collected from 398 respondents The antecedents  addressed in this research are Interpersonal influence and Collectivism. The results indicate that Interpersonal influence and collectivism have significant and positive effect on consumer trust  and then on consumer attitude towards green product

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