Cyberpunk: A Dystopian, Dehumanized High-Tech Future In Indian SF Virus

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Ms. Meenal R. Kale


Cyberpunk -is a subgenre of science fiction project a future where humans are trapped in a dehumanized, high-tech future leading to a dystopian future. The Indian Science fiction by Jayant Narlikar titled Virus (2003) deals with cyberpunk and the destruction through it. The fiction raises the question of human existence on the earth with technological advancement. The objective of the present endeavor is to explore destruction through computer’s. The fiction portrays a future where automation is affected with virus planted by extra- terrestrials; and how the future society and government will become wimpy and pathetic due to cyberpunk. It portrays a gloomy vision of the future where mankind can become a victim of cyberpunk which can lead to a dystopian dehumanized high-tech Future

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