Role Of Mobile Application In Enhancing English Speaking Skills

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Kewin Anten Raj , Dr Anu Baisel


The market for educational mobile applications, particularly for second/foreign language learning, has been fast rising as mobile technologies are being incorporated into learning and smartphones evolve. There is, however, a dearth of study on the roleĀ of mobile apps for English language learning. As part of Mobile Learning, technologies such as smartphones and iPads are used to help students learn a new language. Learning English as a second language has never been easier thanks to the plethora of applications available today. In this study, mobile applications are categorised based on primary, secondary, and tertiary-level students. The articles that were reviewed focused on the installation, analysis, and assessment of mobile applications for language education. Mobile app design, technique, theory and pedagogical elements were also examined in these research. It is important to remember that these applications are designed to help students improve their language abilities, thus the focus should be on the learning of these skills using mobile technology. Apps seem to be more effective in teaching listener skills than other language skills.

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